Real Estate

Core Real Estate

The non-transparent nature of the property transaction market, long lead times, introduction of new and competing product, and significant transaction barriers, combine to offer major arbitrage opportunities.

These make active investment management a highly dependable technique for delivery of investment outperformance, in a manner not typically available to managers in much more efficient markets.

Freehold is able to position and manage a mix of assets that will meet the yield and capital return requirements of the client, in a tax effective manner.

  • Significantly enhancing the cash flow of commercial properties by focusing on operating expenditure and strategies to increase rental income
  • Focused active management to enhance cash flows and maximise asset values
  • Tightly manage expenses and optimise lease structure
  • Targeted capital expenditure

Recapitalisations and workouts

Recapitalisation opportunities involving high quality assets financed with excessive leverage that require restructuring or recapitalisation. Freehold has experience in the work out of distressed assets and legal structures.