Direct Property Funds


To complement and extend the range of property funds available to investors, Freehold offers a select range of direct property opportunities including development assets.

Previous Freehold Direct Property Funds have included single asset commercial properties and the development of assets such as land banks or residential apartments.

In the case of the Development Funds, these have been managed as joint developments by Freehold and its development partners. These offers are typically for investors with a higher risk appetite, who are seeking access to potential growth generated over the investment term.

Our Current Offer – Freehold Development Trust 3

Freehold Development Trust 3 is a fund that will invest in a property development project that seeks to deliver in excess of 46 residential lots for sale.

The land parcel to be developed via the Trust is located in the growth area of Sydney’s North West (Box Hill). The development will seek to sub-divide the land into lots of varying sizes for low density housing and build the necessary infrastructure for the site.

Our development partner for the project is Trevet. Trevet is a highly regarded development manager with a strong track record. Freehold and Trevet previously worked together on the Freehold Development Trust 2.

Fund Details
Fund Inception Date Commencing Q4 2017
Asset Box Hill - 3.08 hectares for circa 46 individual housing lots
Anticipated Completion Q2 2019
Objective To target an Internal Rate of Return in excess of 15% p.a.
Please note this is a target and not a forecast.  No returns are guaranteed.
Minimum Investment $100,000. The Trustee may accept lower amounts in its discretion.
Investment Management Fee 1.5% p.a. of the budgeted total net project costs.
Performance Fee 20% and 40% above respective certain IRR hurdles

Please refer to the Information Memorandum dated 12 December 2017 issued by Freehold Investment Management Limited ABN 78 099 959 958 AFSL 339 008 for further information. The information on this website is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should also seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice prior to acquiring any financial product.

How to Invest

Please contact Freehold to obtain a copy of the Information Memorandum.

Our Track Record

Freehold has offered a range of select development opportunities over a number of years. Each one has provided investors with impressive returns on investment.

Freehold Development Trust No.1
Description Residential apartment development fund.
119 apartments in South Yarra, Victoria.
Completed Q4 2016
Objective To target an Internal Rate of Return in excess of 18% p.a.
Investment Performance* IRR before tax, but net of fees 20.7%.
ROI before tax, but net of fees 55.1%

Freehold Development Trust No.2
Description Residential land development fund.
Circa 60 lots for low density residential in Vineyard, North West Sydney.
Timeline Commenced Q1 2017.
Target completion Q1 2019
Objective To target an Internal Rate of Return in excess of 15% p.a.
Investment Performance* Forecast IRR before tax, but net of fees circa 50%
Forecast ROI before tax, but net of fees circa 50%

8 Station Street, Wollongong
Description Commercial office building. Seeking to undertake partial refit and improve NABERs to allow long term occupation by existing government tenant.
Timeline Acquired Q4 2016
Target divestment Q2 2022
Objective To target an Internal Rate of Return of in excess of 12% p.a.
Investment Performance* Current yield 10.3% p.a.

10-16 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne
Description Office building acquired and sold within 18 months.
Timeline Acquired Q3 2015
Divested Q2 2017
Objective To target income yield in excess of 8% p.a.
Investment Performance* IRR before tax, but net of fees 19.6%
ROI before tax, but net of fees 36%

* Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.